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    Binia, ciao
    I am Ada................I just wish to tell you that I like your posts, and I wish to hear more about you..........
    I know you will be at Dussendolf with Dimitra..............I would like to come, too........................image

    That's all.
    Have a nice weekend,


    Reply from Binia:

    Hi, Ada!image
    Many thanks for your message. Sorry I`m a bit late, but Internet access is quite scarce for me at the moment. Our library closes down on Saturday for the weekend and opens on Tuesday again, and I don´t always want to ask my poor neighbours. To be honest I don`t want them, well, nosing about my private interests and conversations... It was embarrassing enough to ask them loading and converting so many vids for me; I felt a bit like a teenager:-)

    How are you and Tiziana? She still likes skating, I suppose? Can`t you both come to GIS in Düsseldorf? As far as I know up to now it`s just Dimi and me going there, and we really had awfully bad luck with our tickets, sitting so far away... We could do with a bit of support, I think. To be honest the whole thing scares the wits out of me; so many months and now it`s just 9 more days to go.Argh! I`m nervous; may the Gods give that I don`t have to start my new job next week; that`s going to be bad business for the company...image

    Ada, I truly appreciated what you (and Dimi) wrote concerning our forum-problem. In my opinion much worse statements have been made concerning Evgeni, for example him being a bad father. That`s certainly hurt him if he truly reads our forum sometimes. In contrast to that accusation I think it`s not too bad for a man if some people comment on his girlfriend`s big boobs, so to say. He might have laughed himself, if we take his sometimes a bit weird sense of humour into consideration. Moreover we can only hope he`s sensitive enough to realize that we discuss his actions and decisions because most of us deeply care for him. Even if we are fuming because of some of his decisions (no, I´m not fond of him co-hosting shows right now) sometimes, we criticize him because we are worried, don`t we? I found his sentence "my true fans don`t criticize me" deeply disturbing. Did he really say that?

    Uff, I`m running out of time again. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself before I have to stop: I´m 43 years old, widowed, but living in a relationship for 11 months now; I`ve got no kids, what I reget, but three cats, whom I adore. Two are still kittens, actually, about 4 months old, and one is an old lady of 13 years. She usually stays with my mum, but mum`s on holiday now, having gone to the North Sea. No holiday for me this year, because of the actual absence of money...:-) Zhenya`s an expensive hobby; thank God my boyfriend paid for the tickets, although he`s not a figure skating fan, to put it nicely...:-)

    Ada, hope to hear from you soon! You will certainly have a great time going to GIS in Slovakia. I really thought about asking you for a lift for a moment, but I can`t afford it. Bad luck!

    Lot`s of plushkisses!

    P.S. If you want to you can use the following e-mail adress: [email protected] I hope it works; sometimes there are technical problems.image